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Sell Online Shipping Module To Include Fuel Surcharge.

Effective April 7, 2003, the fuel surcharge will be calculated into the Sell Online Shipping Module rating engine. The fuel surcharge will be applied to all shipments. Small packets USA and International will be excluded. The fuel surcharge will be applied directly to the net prices of the shipment for generic shipping rates only. The fuel surcharge will not be applied to the flat rate or free shipping rating options if selected in your shipping profile. Optional charges for Signature, Insurance/Coverage, Delivery Confirmation, Oversize, Flexible Delivery and handling fees will be excluded. Note that the surcharge is subject to all applicable taxes. The surcharge amount will be adjusted monthly.

The Canada Post Web site at provides a description of the fuel surcharge, its applicability, the current and historical data and monthly adjustments to the rate.

Should you have any question or comments regarding the fuel surcharge applied to the shipping module, please contact us at or dial 1-866-511-0546 and ask for the Sell Online Help Desk.